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Merchant FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a member, subscriber or cardholder?
Find general questions and answers about billing in our Billing FAQ

  General Questions

How do I open an account?

It’s a very easy process to open a Zombaio account and start accepting card payments. Make sure you have your bank and company details available, then click here.

What do I need to use your services?

In order to be able to use Zombaio's services you need:

  • a functional adult website that meets our usage policy

  • a business license in your jurisdiction (sole traders are accepted)

  • a valid passport/ID-card or drivers license

  • no previous records in Visa or MasterCard Chargeback Monitoring Programs

Why are adult rates much higher than retail rates?

Adult Membership Transactions are also known as High Risk Transactions because of the high fraud rate on these kinds of transactions. Fraud normally leads to a cardholder dispute which takes recourses from the card networks, card issuers, card acquirers as well as for the IPSPs and Merchants. That is why Visa and MasterCard prices “Adult Transactions” higher than “Normal Transactions”. Another reason is all the services that are included when a biller processes adult transactions, for example, the cardholder support, membership management and all reporting systems.

How long does it take before I can process payments?

Normally a new Merchant is able to process transactions within a couple of hours from signup.

What are your fees?

You can find all our fees by clicking here.

What is the difference between third party and merchant accounts?

The big difference is that your bank is responsible for you as a merchant instead of a third party processor as Zombaio where Zombaio takes the financial risk. A merchant account for adult entertainment is very hard to get.

Is there a Security Deposit (i.e. Rolling Reserve)?

Normally, there is a 5% rolling reserve for 180 days. This is industry standard to protect accounts from chargeback storms.

Does Zombaio offer a solution for my affiliates?

A built-in system for tracking referrals and handling automated payments to affiliates is included in the payment service.

The Zombaio Affiliate Program is an addon service available to Zombaio clients for an additional low fee. By implementing a successful affiliate marketing program you can build a powerful network of affiliate websites which actively refers high-quality traffic to your website.

Zombaio’s Affiliate System provides all the tools you need to easily manage and edit affiliate data and set up individual commission rates for them. You control how you want it set up and we manage it for you, including tracking your referrals and managing payouts to your affiliates for you.

Is there no minimum for payout?

Any amount less than $ 100.00 or € 100.00 will be held in your account until the balance accrued has reached the minimum.

What are the costs of getting paid via Wire Transfer?

You can find all our fees by clicking here.

I see no visa registration fee, why?

You don't have to pay the visa registration fee as we pay that fee for you. It would be nearly impossible fo us to offer our services to small merchants connected to another biller without this offer.

What is shown on the credit card statement?

For privacy (family and bank relations) we bill transactions as At the neutralized site the cardholder can find his/her purchase, cancel the membership or synchronize account details.

How do I get Paid?

We pay you by wire transfer or check. (soon CFT)

We are in a CFT pilot project with the card networks which means that we will be able to make deposits to you, directly to any Visa or MasterCard. This method will be very fast, cheap and reliable when available.

Why are fraud protection services so critical?

Internet credit card transactions are a great deal like mail order transactions. There is an inherent risk involved because the merchant cannot take a physical card swipe nor secure a valid signature. For example, one form of credit card fraud involves protesting online charges. Unfortunately for merchants, such disputes are almost uniformly settled in favor of the card holder. In those cases, the merchant is not only liable for the actual amount of the chargeback, but banks routinely add on a $15.00 to $30.00 fee. And if there is be a large number of chargebacks, the bank may cancel the entire merchant account and prohibit the merchant from making any more online credit card transactions.

In response, Zombaio uses the award winning anti fraud platform Zeus from Samport. Each transaction is run through filters which search for "red flags" and any occurence will cause the transaction to be declined.

You may view reports which give details on these cancelled transactions, and the reason for the decline, at any time.

What is your policy in regards to billing for BDSM/Fetish sites?

Regarding the BDSM/Fetish sites; generally not a problem but there are exceptions, extreme violence, incest, snuff, scat, excretion of any bodily waste on another person, mutilation, or rape.

The definition of extreme violence is hard to specify. Generally, BDSM/Fetish sites does not have a problem signing up with Zombaio.

Please use our Online Site Checker to see if your site is accepted:
Online Site Checker

How does your system add members to my site?

Zombaio places a small script (PHP or ASP) on your server (called ZScript). When a transaction is approved by the member’s bank, we simply call that script via HTTP and add a user to your internal database, NT-directory or .htpasswd file

The ZScript integration is a simple procedure that is handled by you or by our Installation Team (free)

Does Zombaio have redundant systems?

Zombaio’s redundancy is based on three different operation centres. The operation centres do not have anything in common and are run by different organizations. The redundancy setup is planned to avoid any single point of failure by using mirrored data in the different centres for as many systems as possible. All servers are equipped with full equipment redundancy, such as 2 power supplies, 2 Fibre channel cards, 2 Network Interfaces etc. Complete stoppage required that we have a failure in at least 2 points.

Zombaio uses VMWare Infrastructure Enterprise which allows the VMH servers to be switched off one by one without any system interruption. If any VMH loses communication or gets corrupted, all communication will automatically be handled by the backup VMH and the corrupted VMH will be re-established within a few minutes. If the re-establishment fails, a new MVH will be deployed.

Our uptime last year was 99.99% on the Payment Gateway and 99.95% on the Web Service, see our
Service Monitor

How do I see my transactions, payouts and members?

In our Merchant Portal ZOA

The ZOA Backoffice tool (Zombaio Online Administrator) is your portal to your Zombaio account. Here you will be able to follow your earnings in real time. Manage and add sites, commission programs, member and other data affecting your account. This portal also allows you to see payments and can produce reports and analyses of data for specific periods.


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